FAQs for Smrti's Custom Jewelry Creation Process

How do I begin the custom jewelry creation process with Smrti?

Start by completing the Smrti Custom Jewelry Contact Form on our website. This is crucial for us to understand your preferences and vision for the jewelry piece.

What information is required in the Smrti Custom Jewelry Contact Form?

The form asks for your personal information, the type of jewelry you're interested in, your preferences for metal and gemstones, design ideas, and desired completion timeframe. You can also upload inspirational images.

What happens after I submit the contact form?

Within 48 hours of form submission, our jewelry specialist will reach out to schedule a personalized consultation, usually via email, to discuss your design ideas in depth.

How does Smrti handle the design finalization and budget?

During the consultation, we will review your submitted form to finalize the design and consider your budget. We'll then provide an approximate cost and require a soft approval with a 25% downpayment to proceed.

What does the actual costing and preliminary design process entail?

We take about 2 weeks to develop detailed costing and a preliminary design. If you choose to adjust the design, metal, or gemstones, an updated costing will be prepared, which may also take an additional 2 weeks.

What are the next steps after design and cost finalization?

Upon finalizing the design and cost, a second downpayment of 25% of the total cost is required to start production, which typically takes 4-6 weeks.

How will I be informed about the completion and delivery of my jewelry?

Two weeks prior to completion, we'll notify you about the impending delivery. At this time, the balance payment is due. Delivery options include shipping by mail or in-person within a 75 km radius of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What makes Smrti's custom jewelry unique?

At Smrti, we believe every piece of jewelry tells a personal story. Our process is crafted with care and dedication, ensuring your vision is perfectly embodied in the final piece.