Our Origin

Welcome to Smrti, where luxury meets the cosmos. Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘that which is remembered,’ Smrti is more than just a luxury diamond jewelry brand; we are custodians of cosmic heritage and artisans of imagination. Each meticulously crafted piece tells a unique cosmic story, serving as a tangible remnant of cosmic phenomena, a Smrti – a memory to cherish.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, to experience luxury like never before, and to wear a piece of the cosmos that’s uniquely yours, a piece of Smrti.

Our Mission

Smrti’s mission is to craft unique, luxurious, and ethically sourced diamond jewelry that tells a cosmic story. We aim to bring each customer’s imagination to life and celebrate the intricate beauty of the universe and Earth’s gifts, enabling our clientele to wear a piece of the cosmos that’s uniquely theirs - a piece to remember.

Our Vision

Our vision is for Smrti to become a globally recognized luxury diamond jewelry brand that embodies the fusion of celestial heritage with human imagination. We aspire to inspire and connect people to the cosmos and Earth through our innovative designs and ethical practices. Our journey seeks to continuously redefine luxury, transforming the industry by integrating personalization, craftsmanship, and sustainability at its core.