FAQs for Smrti's Whisper

What is the "Whisper" feature?

The "Whisper" feature is a unique service on the Smrti website, designed to subtly communicate engagement ring preferences from an initiator (like a girlfriend, sister, relative, or best friend) to the recipient (typically the boyfriend).

How does the "Whisper" process begin?

It starts with the initiator visiting the "Whisper" section on the Smrti website and completing a detailed form about the desired engagement ring.

What details are required in the "Hint/Whisper/Nudge" form?

The form captures key information such as ring style, diamond shape and size, preferred metal type, ring size, additional notes, and design inspirations. A personalized message can also be included.

What happens after the form is submitted?

Our jewelry specialists review the form and create a preliminary design, which is then sent to the recipient after obtaining explicit consent from the initiator.

How is privacy maintained in the "Hint/Whisper/Nudge" process?

We respect the privacy of both the initiator and the recipient by requiring explicit consent at each step of the process.

Can the recipient provide feedback on the received hint?

Yes, the recipient can provide feedback or ask questions directly through the platform, making the experience interactive and engaging.

What customization options are available for the initiator?

The initiator can choose the level of detail included in the hint, from detailed design preferences to more general suggestions.

Is there a notification system for the initiator?

Yes, the initiator is notified once the hint has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

What kind of follow-up support is offered to the recipient?

We provide guidance and support to the recipient on the next steps, assisting them in navigating the custom design process smoothly.